55W Terminator HID Kit

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Top Features:

  • Canbus Compatible - No Computer Errors
  • Most Technically Advanced, Superior Quality HID kit
  • Solves All Canbus issues incl. Mercedes, BMW e90.etc..

Intelligently developed with advanced HID technology, our new Canbus Terminator HID kit is the ultimate,slim digital Canbus HID conversion kit to date.

With built-in micro-processesors, Canbus-Terminator boasts the most technically advanced digital ballasts that are compatible with all of the latest smart canbus systems that we know of. This includes all Volvo's, all BMW incl. e90, all Saab, all Mercedes & more...

Superior to most other HID kits, the xenon light produced from a Terminator kit is very impressive, assembled with powerful burners the light output is extremely bright & effective.

Our H7 kits are only supplied with metal bases and are of the highest quality emitting pure Xenon brightness.

Where most others fail, Terminator slim kits offer a reliable and smart choice for your xenon lighting needs.


  • Certificate: CE approved, ISO9001:2004, UKAS Quality Approved
  • Resistant to heat and aging, as well as vibration tested.100% waterproof and 100% dustproof.
  • Input ranges from 9V~32v.
  • Life time: Approx 3000 hours average lifetime.
  • Smaller dimensions: Integrated design, igniter is integrated into ballast.
  • Suitable for cars,motorbikes or Trucks with or without canbus systems.
  • Quality: This kit has been tested and made to the highest standards, 100% stable & reliable
  • Bulb Types Available on other listings: H1, H3, H4 Hi/Lo, H7, H9, H11, 9004, 9005, 9006, 9007, D2R, D2S
  • Colour availability: 4300K, 5000k, 6000K, 8000K, 10000K
  • The hid conversion kit contains the following components: 2 x HID bulbs 2 x Slim Digital Canbus ballasts with integrated igniter (e-mark e-13 TUV, CE) 2 x ballast holders, ties and pads,Installation guide and required wiring accessories.
  • This product is sold for 'off road' and 'show' purposes only.

Ballast Specs:

  • V-in: 9V-32V
  • V norm: 13.2V
  • I norm: 3.2A
  • I in max: 5.5A
  • P out 55W norm
  • T case -40c -+105c

Ballast Technical:

  • High/Low Temperature Tested
  • IEC68-2-6 Tremor Tested
  • EN60529 Waterproof & Dustproof Tested
  • DIN Tested
  • IEC Anti-impulse Tested
  • Instant high/low voltage Tested
  • 10,000 time/one minute open circuit Tested
  • EMC CISPR22 guard against Hertzian waves
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