HID Light Ballast 35W Slim (DC)

  • HID Light Ballast 35W Slim (DC)
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New AC or DC ballast, xenon lights have a longer life span and are brighter by up to 200% and can seen taller, wider and farther than standard bulbs which allows you to travel more secure during the night and especially in country lanes where there is no street lights around.

Input Voltage Range:9-16V (CAN-Bus) / 9-32V (AC / DC)
Output Power:35W
Input Start Current:5A
Maximum Input Current:10A
Instant Ignition Voltage:23000v~25000v
Output Voltage Frequency:250±10 HZ
Full Power Up:80% in 3 seconds - 100% in 8 seconds
Ballast Life-Span:>3000h (DC) / >5000h (AC / CAN-Bus)
Operating Temperature:-40°C / +125°C
Cable Length:25cm (Power) / 44cm (Bulb)
Ballast Size:CAN-Bus (76mm * 64mm * 11mm)
AC & DC (84mm * 64mm * 11mm)
Gross Weight:0.5kg each
Colour:Black / Grey / White

Package Contents

  • 1 x Ultra Slim 35W Ballast (DC or AC)
  • 1 x Install Bracket
  • 3 x Screws & Washers


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