D2S/D2R Wiring Leads

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  • Shell Material: Thermoplastic
  • Shell Color: Major in Black
  • Size:3.7cm * 4cm *23cm(46in*67in*9.06in)


  • This is about a HID Xenon D2/D4 Light Base Adapter which convert a factory stock Xenon Light Bulb sizes D2S D2C C2R D4S D4C D4R to fit most aftermarket HID Ballast in the market.
  • Save your money on replacing an expensive factory Xenon ballast while your stock Xenon Blub still in good condition.
  • Work with 35W / 55W HID system.
  • All connections and terminals are crimped and shrink wrapped with high quality heatproof thermoplastic tubing.
  • High Capacity wire are capable to withstand voltage and current.
  • Seal rings guarantee waterproof.

How to Install:

  • Connect the small male connectors of the adapter to the female connectors of the aftermarket HID ballasts.
  • Connect the small female connectors of the extension to the male connectors of the aftermarket HID ballasts.
  • Connect the big red socket to the stock Xenon Bulb.
  • Easy to use as all standard terminal connector are well attached.
  • Different models are available in our store!

Package Includes:

  • 2 x D2/D4 Adaper


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